Worldcup 2014- Live TV Streaming

I was trying to find a place that's doing live streaming, and everything seemed to be just pretend BS, until I found readon player...: - with this I managed to watch lots of games on my PC, with no hassle....


Other Good News:

Brazil vs Mexico 0-0

Spain vs Holland 1-5
Ghana vs Germany 2-2
Nigeria vs Bosnia & Herzegovina 1-0
Spain vs Chile 0-2
Algeria vs Korea 4-2
US vs Portugal 2-2
Uruguay vs Italy 1-0
Portugal vs Ghana 2-1
Algeria vs Russia 1-1

Bad News:

Brazilian Dives
Spanish Dive
German Dive
Iran vs Argentina 0-1
Ghana vs Germany 2-2
Nigeria vs Bosnia & Herzegovina 1-0
US vs Portugal 2-2
Luis Suárez biting incident
Netherland vs Mexico 2-1

In a weird way, Karma seems to have it's own unique way of righting wrongs..

Final Thoughts. Instead of investing in shaving foam, they should invest in replaying all those dubious decisions on a big screen, and then the ref can decide (if honest), whether it was a real foul or not... And if just a dive, then no less than a red card would do...

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