Corizan - کوریزان - It works...

I had a case of Man Flu for the past few days, and nothing seems to help - apart from the Iranian Cold & Flu Tablets - Corizan - کوریزان Tablets that I got from one of my customers - 24hrs later and the flu seems to have subsided. It might be a placebo effect, but those seem to have worked for me.

Thank you Mr. Pizza Knight of Monton / Eccles / UK for the tablets ...

Happy Christmas 2013

This year, I got the customary socks & cheap aftershave... 

This year's aftershave is called "URBAN VENOM" - It's worst than "SEX PANTHER", (banned in 137 countries), and twice as potent.. But it's cheap at £1.00 for an "Aftershave & Shower Gel Set"....

I can't describe the smell, but I can see people around me heaving, vomiting & being sick (I have a Man's Flu and I can't smell anything at present)...

009 Sound System "Born To Be Wasted"

oh the beat's gonna bash gonna break it up
this car's goin' fast gonna speed it up
the night's not gonna last so let's keep it up
we were born to be wasted

oh the rock's not gonna stop so let's rip it up
the beats are gonna drop you can trip em' up
your mind is on fire but it's not enough
we were born to be wasted

this gun's blowin up it's just a warning shot
this plane's takin' off on a terror run
this night's gonna end like a missile drop
we were born to be wasted

baby out loud
knew that it would come to this
ain't worth livin
if u can't get your kicks