Good Idea, Bad Idea...

Today I tried the new Toaster Friendly Burger - Good Idea, Less than Average Taste...

And in the words of a wise man: 
"I used to work for Northern Foods, - a good butcher never wastes anything Whistle"

And believe me when I say, they did not waste any part of the Cow when they made these.

Spot the difference...

Question: - Can you spot the difference between Adapter A & Adapter B?

I was doing a job at one of my customers the other day & I needed a 2 Way Telephone Adaptor, I usually have a few of these with me, however, I forgot to bring any with me on this occasion - so I went out looking for a £ shop, where you can buy a couple of these adaptors for £1.00, however & on this occasion, the nearest shop that had these adapters, was Comet, & because I was desperate, I decided to buy one of these adaptor's from Comet...   And now back to the question..
Can you spot the difference between Adapter A & Adapter B?

and the answer is:
Adapter A costs £0.50, while Adapter B costs £6.12

I love Capitalism & Freedom of Choice.... But still, this pails in comparison to the USB to Serial Adaptor I purchased from RS-Components, for £47.00 - You can buy that for anything between (£2.00-£14.00), from anywhere else in the world.