Bullshit is limitless...

Those are a few of lines that I come up with when advising people,

But I always say "Please do not listen to me, because if I knew what I was doing, then I would not be here advising you"....

Ten of UK's most hated words:


Most loved words:



The Food Commandments...

[1] Legs and wings are the work of the Devil - Because a Chicken has those, it does not mean that we have to eat them.

[2] DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT under any circumstances add chicken stock of dubious origin to ANY SALAD (EVER) - The same Chicken stock that was out of date 6 months ago, when you first bought it.

[3] Whatever the little person in you head tells you, believe me, it does not work & you really, really, really can't cook.

[4] I really enjoyed sitting on the toilet till 9:00AM this morning with stomach ache, but the good news is I wasn't sick, I just had abdominal cramps and violent diarrhoea...

When is a KVM switch not a KVM switch?


Around 8 years ago, I bought a KVM switch to use in my business in order to control 2 PC's at a time - 3 years later, I needed something bigger, I needed to control 4 PC's instead, so I bought a 4 Port PS2 KVM switch, I tried that for a period, but because it was a manual type, I had to press a button before it would cycle through the connected PC's and also, keyboard and mouse support was very flaky (sometimes it work on one PC & sometimes it doesn't on any)..

Because of those niggles, I decided to go back to the original KVM switch until I can get another, and soon afterwards I did - This time a 4 port USB KVM switch (like the picture) - This was also a manual one, so I decide to keep it on one side until needed...

Few weeks back, my original KVM switch decided to "kick the bucket", so I had no option but to use either the PS2 or the USB effort.. I started with the PS2 one and after a few days, this really drove me potty, the mouse and keyboard didn't work on any of the PC's which defeats the object of having a KVM switch, however the display did work, but I still needed a mouse and keyboard set per PC, so and in desperation, I decided to use the "NEW" USB KVM switch, and exactly the same as the PS2 one, you can see the image but you cannot control the mouse or keyboard on any PC...

So the answer is:

When it's a piece of Chinese crap that does not work...