And then there were 9....

Every now and then I get something so shockingly bad, that I have to say something about; and now I have these bad boys, with their very own level of badness...

Bad Points:
  1. Overheating Processor
  2. Non-Standard Heatsink
  3. No Fan
  4. Non-Standard Power Supply 
  5. 2 Way - Self Corrupting HD (if not by Heat, then by Magnetic Field / Interference)
  6. Power Supply Capacitors, Touching 2.5" HD
  7. Unique - No 2 Units Are the Same (inside or out)
  8. 20 Minute warm-up period (Image on monitor very shaky, for the duration)
  9. Slow Processor, Not much Ram & a "Second Hand HD" As Standard
  10. 9 Remain in the Wild
  11. They Exist & So does their Creator..

Good Points:
  1. Compact All-in-One PC
  2. One is Stolen.

Bought 10, Sold 10 - Problems with 10....  Every day of every week....
I'm just praying for the other 9 to get stolen.....