LM12 - AM12 - X10 - LM12W - AM12W UK Wiring Diagram

Brown = UK Mains Live (Brown)
Blue  = UK Mains Neutral (Blue)

Black = The Live that goes to the unit that you need to Control
Blue  = Share the Blue Line as the Neutral to go to the unit that you need to Control

Use at your discretion. I'm not responsible for the use or misuse of this or the accuracy of this information. But it does work for me..

COSTa Lot Coffee...

On my way to a job, got a cold, have a banging headache, I can't breathe, and generally feeling shit.  I stopped @ the petrol station for some fuel & I saw the COSTA express machine, so I decided to have a Caramel Chocolate drink (something HOT to open and to clear my nose and my head). And guess what, that was absolutely one of the vilest and most disgusting and revolting piece of rubbish that I have ever had the misfortune of trying - It might have been the filter or the lack of chocolate, but hot water with a bit of frothy milk is not my idea of a good warm drink, and the worst part is that I decided to treat my wife to one as well...

£4.60 down the drain

Windows 7 Failure Loop...

Windows 7 Configuration Update Failure, Reverting Changes (Stuck in Loop)

2 of my computers are stuck in the same Windows 7 update loop cycle.  The issue is when the computer downloads a windows update and has to restart to configure. What happens is that the configuration fails and you get a message stating "reverting configuration", then windows restarts. After restarting, the configuring windows message appears again and fails again hence you get stuck in a never ending loop and windows never boots.
There are two solutions provided by M$ that seem to work provided this is actually a software configuration issue cause by windows update. They both require you to boot to safe mode. One option is to restore image for an earlier date and the other is to enter command prompt as admin and run the System File Checker by typing "sfc /scannow".

Alexandra's Sandwich Bar - Liverpool

Liverpool job - hungry - "Spicy Chicken & Noodle Soup", "Chicken Salad Barm" & "Blood Orange Juice Drink".

Alexandra's Sandwich Bar
514 Stanley Rd, Bootle, 
L20 5DW

Tel. 0151-922 2888 
Great Food, Great Atmosphere, Great Prices. Thank you...

Let the Khat out of the bag!

Friday, 30th November 2012 - Today, we went to a small corner Shop / Supermarket in Eccles (Manchester), in order to set-up a hand-held PDA device (small computer used to update stock, etc...) - However, the shop was especially busy, with people queueing up outside and inside, with lots of shouting and commotion (like a small riot).

File:Deakhat.jpgApparently, Friday was the day of deliverance - or delivery of FRESH Khat from Yemen, via Air Freight, for the people of Eccles to enjoy. So everybody starts queueing up from whatever time until the arrival of the FRESH batch. 

Khat Prices. 
£12.00 for 500gm Bundle
£24.00 for 1kg - Bundle

PS. Two things I noticed, there were women in the queue, and nobody wants to be seen with a Khat plant, so they make sure it's well hidden.