Energy Saving Light Bulbs - 10 Years, My Arse...

The biggest con of all, are these pesky energy saving light bulbs, they are a really good idea, if they did do what they claim on the box, but they don't . They are dimmer, very awkward to handle, more expensive and they are supposed to last a hell of a lot longer, something like 10 years, however I seem to change these all a round the house, more frequently than the original "Bad For The Environment" models.

And now, for the handling advice, just in case:

How should I deal with a broken CFL?

Although the accidental breakage of a lamp is most unlikely to cause any health problems, it’s good practice to minimise any unnecessary exposure to mercury, as well as risk of cuts from glass fragments.
Revised advice issued by the Health Protection Agency is to:
  • Ventilate and vacate the room, for at least, 20 minutes
  • Wipe the area with a damp cloth, place that in the plastic bag and seal it
  • Sticky tape (e.g. duct tape or similar) can be used to pick up small residual pieces or powder from soft furnishings and then placed in a sealed plastic bag. The plastic bag doesn't need to be air tight, but should be reasonably sturdy.
  • Place it in another, similar bag and seal that one as well (this minimises cuts from broken glass).
The public should contact the local authority for advice on where to dispose of broken or intact CFLs as they should be treated as hazardous waste and should not be disposed of in the bin. All local councils have an obligation to make arrangements for the disposal of household hazardous waste at a civic amenity site or household waste recycling centre. The National Household Hazardous Waste Forum runs a website with details of these centres for chemicals, but which also applies to other hazardous wastes ( Alternatively contact your local council direct.

How should I dispose of unwanted CFLs, e.g. at the end of their life?

From 1st July 2007, waste CFLs have been subject to the requirements of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations. Those who sell items such as energy efficient bulbs must provide information to the public about where they can take waste bulbs and other WEEE. Some retailers will also take them back in store. However, most retailers have funded Designated Collection Facilities, in the main at local authority civic amenity sites. From this point, producers of the equipment fund the transport, treatment and recycling, where most of the mercury can be recovered.

Late Night TV

Andrew Lloyds Weber has a younger brother, Julian Lloyds Weber...He was on BBC News 24  - Late one night. In Cuba, searching for young talented Cellist and telling us how to nurture the musical talent of the country, or thereabout.. And the presenter told us how these youngsters are realising their life long dreams of meeting Julian.. This must be true, since I didn't even know that the man existed until 5 minutes ago, so youngsters  in Cuba must have heard of the man....

All I could think was, there are two of them....  How could there be a God...

The root of all evil - Infomercials

Picture this, I'm in total agony with my leg, I can't go to bed nor sleep, so I just sit and watch TV all day and night, I really should have more time for blogging but the pain receptacles seem to interfere and play havoc with all my other senses and faculties. I just can't think straight. During the day, there are all these Spongers selling their wares, which I usually do a good job of filtering out... However, and late at night, when you are all alone, and your brain can filter no more, infomercials begin...

One of the easiest things for me, when watching TV, is avoid buying advertised shit. I usually smell that miles away, but sadly, every now and then something does slip through the cracks. Things like, the Wash Balls, the Dryer Balls, the Fridge Balls, the Laundry Balls, and other classics. You would have thought that having Balls in the product title would have the given the game away, but oh no, not for me...

To cut a long story short, and after the many failures, and Balls ups, I decided  not to buy anything with balls in the title. The other week, I saw the "Slap Chop" infomercials, and I don't know whether it was the product or the man's infectious enthusiasm, or just the urge to super chop everything to a messy, mushy, pulp. I just had to have me one of these...

 Would you buy anything from this man?

So I ordered one, and in 14-21 days, I was the proud owner of a "Slap Chop". The worst invention on the face of the planet, it is really, really, really just shit. Some people might like it, but I just couldn't use it or like it, it seems to pulverise everything.that is harder than a boiled egg whilst obliterating anything that is softer, and after using it for 5 minutes, I realised the error of my ways, and decided to just leave it on show, to remind me not to buy, believe, or listen to anything or anyone on TV. And as for the free "Grater", well, I did use that once and guess what, it does work as long as you have the arms of Hercules, if not, then you are limited to grating Goat's cheese and Jelly ..

And now for some good news, the face of the "Slap Chop" has been arrested in the US for selling the world's worst invention (it should have been), or something like that... I hope he appreciates being "Bitch Slapped" in the showers. Who said Karma hasn't got a twisted sense of humor...

Dispatches - Channel 4 - Terror in Mumbai

I've just watched this program on TV - and it never been so obvious that - "All it takes for Evil to triumph, is for Good people to do nothing"..

I really can't believe what these people have done, what price is life?