Goodbye XP - Hello XP....

Everybody is aware of the demise of Windows XP and the end of support from Microsoft for OS - 50 days ago (8th April 2014)..

I'm not going to scare you into buying a new computer or upgrading or changing your operating system to the new fan-dangled, all singing all dancing, more secure OS, instead I will share my experience of securing my own OS for FREE, and you can do the same if you so wish..  I posted the following on a yahoo forum on the day. I hope it can help somebody somewhere.

Nothing will happen - Just keep using the same PC and do the same thing, and remember when was the last time that you needed any help and support from M$ or anybody else. And if scared by all the publicity BS, then just follow those few simple steps and you will be fine:
[1] Use a good 3rd Party Anti-Virus (Free is Good) & not the Bloated Norton

[2] Use a good Firewall - The Windows one will do

[3] Download and install a GOOD HOSTS FILE (there is no place like

[4] Use a different Browser (Firefox / Chrome)

[5] Use Adblock+

[6] Use Smart Toolbar Remover to get rid of all those pesky toolbars

[7] Remove all search Widgets from the desktop

[8] Browse with Sandboxie / Run software within that prior to installing anything 
[9] Use NoScripts browser add on

And now for some good news, and if you really must, you can extend XP support until 2019, but you do need XP SP-3 installed first..
[1] Create a new text file and call it "anything.reg"

[2] Enter the following lines in the file (copy and paste)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

 [3] Save the file
[4] Double click the file and answer yes to the question

This will trick XP into thinking that it's PosReady OS and support & security updates will continue until 9th April 2019...

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