Greeks, Romans, it's all the same to me...

Apparently, the Royal Mint has dropped a BoBo when it came to creating Commemorative Gold Coins for the 2012, London Olympics, and they had chosen "Roman Gods", instead of Greek Ones...  Here is a list of what has been chosen thus far...

Citius series (Faster)
Neptune – God of the sea – Sailing
Diana – Goddess of hunting – Cycling (No Connection)
Mercury – Messenger of the gods – Running

Altius series (Higher)
Jupiter – King of the gods – Diving (and Football)
Apollo – God of the sun – Rhythmic gymnastics (WTF)
Juno – Queen of the gods – Pole vaulting (and Pole Dancing)

Fortius series (Stronger)
Mars – God of war – Boxing
Minerva – Goddess of wisdom – Javelin (No Connection)
Vulcan – God of fire – Hammer (No Connection)

Me, I'm just looking forward to London's Roman Games MMXII - The fighting, the blood, the combat, the wild animals, the condemned criminals, the slaves, the smells, ,the weapons, and 'chariot' racing around the roundabouts. Followed by a a spot of vino & lager drinking, on a park bench & the customary orgy...