Then.... and.... Now!

20 Funny Illustrations That Prove The World Has Seriously Changed For The Worse

The world has gotten increasingly more difficult to live in. Housing prices have sky rocketed while average salaries have practically stayed the same. Work is no longer 9-5 but 12-12 thanks to cellphones. Your TV is slimmer than ever, but you are most likely larger. Oh, and while picking out filters and posting photos on Instagram seems fun, you were actually having more fun before your cellphone offered a distraction from everything.

I’m an optimist by nature, but even I have to admit that in many ways the world has changed for the worst. Don’t think so? Then check out these funny illustrations and pics that prove it!

1. Smaller Computers, Bigger People
2.Holiday Pictures Before & After Smartphones
3. Checking The Mail Then And Now

4. Roles Are Reversing Sooner Than Ever Before
5. No One Knows The Value Of Hard Work Anymore (says every Grandparent)
I have a lot of teacher friends and they all agree this is exactly what goes on today.

6. Being A Teacher in 1960 VS. Being A Teacher Today
7. TV’s Are Slimmer But People Are Bigger
8. The Evolution of Philosophy

9. How To Waste Time By Decade

10. Durability Then And Now
11. Changing Life Of Runners
12. Then And Now: George Lucas

13. Texting Vs. Calling
14. Isolation Is The New Form Of Human Contact

15. From Cruel To Barbaric
 Okay, but seriously, no cord is a change for the better and we all know it!
16. Landline Jokes

17. Water Is The New Gold
18. This Is Where Sagging Is Headed…

19. Welcome To The Real World
20. Who Needs Family When You Have Cell Phones… Right?

GREECE 2015 - NO NO NO...

Another day, another update....

Today, like millions of other computer users around the globe, I was net with the usual "IMPORTANT FLASH SECURITY UPDATE",  I usually try to avoid those or keep running an out of date, but stable, version for as long as possible, but today I decided to byte the bullet, run the update and get rid of the nagging update screen for few days.

And no sooner had I done that, no sooner had I come to regret my decision.

The new update made everything impossible to watch or play, as everything crashes on sight, and I don't think I'm the only person who had suffered this.

So the question is this:

Why is FLASH so BUGGY & INSECURE that it needs constant updating?
When will it stop being BUGGY & INSECURE, or be complete?
When will the updates STOP?

There are solutions to the problem, which involve using the latest version of FLASH, because it should be less BUGGY, but what can you do if the bugs were caused because of the "LATEST UPDATE"?

I need to move away from FLASH & soon..

My New 10 Day Plan - 24-10-2014

I've just got an order yesterday for 4 all in one packages


Pocket Money




Sold Software + 1 PC Repair - Liverpool




3 Laptop Repairs




Buy Printer + Touchscreen Monitor for Customer




Sell Printer + Touchscreen Monitor to Customer




Decide to supply separates instead of all in one - Buy Printer + Touchscreen Monitor + Motherboard, Case & HD for Customer (already had a Cash Draw) 540



eBay printer problem - Printer is shit... Send back to seller.




Build PC and take to customer - try and get paid for 1 system, enough to buy the other 3


Bought Shawarma from Manchester, and boy was that SHIT!...



Day 11 - Go to Customers site, the man is a wanker, who expected the software to know how many chicken legs / thighs / breasts / wings are sold, & the conversation went something like that:

Wanker - I need to do stock control & know how many legs / thighs / breasts & wings I'm selling.
Me - Only if whoever is serving tells the software what they're giving to each customer (legs, thighs, wings, breasts).
Wanker -  We can't do that when busy.
Me - Well, then you can't get the information - what goes in, usually comes out.
And now, we have a tag-team, the shops manager butts-in with his 2-cents worth:

Shop Manager (Wanker No. 2) - I used to use software that knew what we are selling without you telling it.  I will contact those people, because this software is not for us, if it can't do this.
I hate stupidity; (and that man seem to exude this) - I said and how did it know?
And a few choice words later; I told them that I'm too old to argue with idiots & I that they were being stupid; and I really can't be arsed working with either of them, or selling them software ever, even if they were the last people on earth...

They did ask as to why I was being so combative; and that they can't work with me neither - so I took my system and left.

2 Days later - the owner tried to contact me again via phone / sms - I just ignored all correspondence, because the man is a waste of time & he has been wrestling with the idea of computerising his businesses & trying to buy the software from me for the past 4+ years & every year; I go to see him, show him the software, he gives me a menu and asks me to do it, and then changes his mind at the last minute..

The place is in Bury Lancashire - and the Fried Chicken Shop Name, rhymes with Helens.

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