My 10 day Plan.....

Business is shit and I'm really struggling to make ends-meet
I got a few orders this week, only problem is that I have no money to fulfil those - I got a £500.00 deposit from a customer and I have 10 days to turn that into £1200.00, so that I can buy 2 PC's for the customer...

Day 1: Sales women from energy company asks to speak to the boss, I told her that we do not need any energy, because we are self-sufficient, because of the new Solar-Panels that we've just fitted, hell, we are even selling energy back to the national grid and she was surprised because she was talking to the boss earlier that day, and he didn't know anything about it.  I got a deposit of a customer. New Balance £500.00

Day 2: I bought 2 PC's, 1 Touchscreen & 1 Thermal Printer, (all second user from ebay) + 2 New Cash Draws, also from ebay - Managed to get a £100.00 part payment from a customer - Petrol £30.00. New Balance £290.00

Day 3: A bit of wheeling and dealing netted me £300.00 - Wife decided to go and pay Council Tax (WHY?) & some shopping. New balance £340.00

Day 4: Sold one of the second user PC's to a customer for £100.00 (£70.00 profit). Sold a network terminal software licence for £170.00 - Petrol £30.00 - Tyre blow-out on motorway. Spare tyre is much bigger than the original tyre, fitting that was a nightmare, I had to deflate it before it would fit in place, in-spite of maxing the jack in order lift the car, but I lived to tell the tale. New Balance £580.00

Day 5: Need 2 new tyres. The 2 New eBay Cash Draws are not working, all in one PC's are sold out at New balance £460.00 and I'm still not getting there..

Day 6: Bought 2 More Cash Draws (£80.00) - 1 New PC (£190.00) - 1 New Touchscreen (£190.00). New balance £0.00 and I'm still not getting there..

Day 7: I went to a customer to sort our their network; his Caller ID wasn't working: so Borrowed it to test;). Got paid £100.00 - Petrol £30.00. New Balance £70.00.

Day 8-11: Went to work, Bolton-Stockport, Got a new Star Printer from work - Petrol £30.00. New Balance £40.00.

I'm already past my 10 day bullshit plan.

Day 12: Installed Windows on the new PC, supplied that with Touchscreen Monitor, Star Printer & The Caller ID that I've borrowed in day 7, to a customer:  New Balance. £1200.00

Day 13:

[23:31:38] Business is a BIG gamble
[23:31:52] you don't know if it's going to work or not
[23:32:04] if it's gonna be a success or not
[23:32:22] if the customers are going to come and stay or not
[23:33:46] and if you make it with something new, then would the competition not do the same, but cheaper
[23:35:17] Believe me, I might not look it, and I might pretend to be something else, but I'm very careful and I plan every single step in advance
[23:35:58] it took me over twenty years before I decided to work for myself,
[23:36:12] and I thought I had everything figured out
[23:36:24] but then, the shit hit the fan
[23:36:44] and I'm back to square zero with a 10 day plan

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