LM12 - AM12 - X10 - LM12W - AM12W UK Wiring Diagram

Brown = UK Mains Live (Brown)
Blue  = UK Mains Neutral (Blue)

Black = The Live that goes to the unit that you need to Control
Blue  = Share the Blue Line as the Neutral to go to the unit that you need to Control

Use at your discretion. I'm not responsible for the use or misuse of this or the accuracy of this information. But it does work for me..

COSTa Lot Coffee...

On my way to a job, got a cold, have a banging headache, I can't breathe, and generally feeling shit.  I stopped @ the petrol station for some fuel & I saw the COSTA express machine, so I decided to have a Caramel Chocolate drink (something HOT to open and to clear my nose and my head). And guess what, that was absolutely one of the vilest and most disgusting and revolting piece of rubbish that I have ever had the misfortune of trying - It might have been the filter or the lack of chocolate, but hot water with a bit of frothy milk is not my idea of a good warm drink, and the worst part is that I decided to treat my wife to one as well...

£4.60 down the drain

Windows 7 Failure Loop...

Windows 7 Configuration Update Failure, Reverting Changes (Stuck in Loop)

2 of my computers are stuck in the same Windows 7 update loop cycle.  The issue is when the computer downloads a windows update and has to restart to configure. What happens is that the configuration fails and you get a message stating "reverting configuration", then windows restarts. After restarting, the configuring windows message appears again and fails again hence you get stuck in a never ending loop and windows never boots.
There are two solutions provided by M$ that seem to work provided this is actually a software configuration issue cause by windows update. They both require you to boot to safe mode. One option is to restore image for an earlier date and the other is to enter command prompt as admin and run the System File Checker by typing "sfc /scannow".

Alexandra's Sandwich Bar - Liverpool

Liverpool job - hungry - "Spicy Chicken & Noodle Soup", "Chicken Salad Barm" & "Blood Orange Juice Drink".

Alexandra's Sandwich Bar
514 Stanley Rd, Bootle, 
L20 5DW

Tel. 0151-922 2888 
Great Food, Great Atmosphere, Great Prices. Thank you...

Let the Khat out of the bag!

Friday, 30th November 2012 - Today, we went to a small corner Shop / Supermarket in Eccles (Manchester), in order to set-up a hand-held PDA device (small computer used to update stock, etc...) - However, the shop was especially busy, with people queueing up outside and inside, with lots of shouting and commotion (like a small riot).

File:Deakhat.jpgApparently, Friday was the day of deliverance - or delivery of FRESH Khat from Yemen, via Air Freight, for the people of Eccles to enjoy. So everybody starts queueing up from whatever time until the arrival of the FRESH batch. 

Khat Prices. 
£12.00 for 500gm Bundle
£24.00 for 1kg - Bundle

PS. Two things I noticed, there were women in the queue, and nobody wants to be seen with a Khat plant, so they make sure it's well hidden.

Windows 7 Blues

** This was in my draft folder for ages

Bought a new Windows 7 PC for a customer, to replace an existing defunct Windows XP model - I needed to re-install everything, including the software and hardware, and to transfer the existing data.  

Problem, UPDD Touchscreen Windows Driver - Does not work on Windows 7  - And the customer does not want to spend another £400+ on another Touchscreen.

And how do you know when a driver is not compatible with Windows 7? Easy, you wait until it Stops the Keyboard and Mouse from working - So a 5 Minute Job, Turns into a nightmare, that ends up in booting into Linux, backing up the data using "Parted Magic", reinstalling Windows XP on the PC, and then reinstalling the UPDD drivers and a scramble to search for other drivers, for new fangled devices that have no actual Windows XP drivers...

22nd November 2012 - Unlucky For Some...

Today was one of those weird days..

First thing in the morning I managed to un-install MySQL off a Client's PC, over TeamViewer, without first making a backup of anything.

And you know when you do something, and then, just a split second later you regret it... Well that was one of those decisions...

The problem is that I needed to reinstall MySQL and I needed the existing data, (the data that I did not backup)...

I really don't know how, why or where, but the gods of data were watching over me & MySQL actually found the table on it's on (a 1 in a million chance), and I did not lose any data...  And when I mentioned that to others, they thought that it was my lucky day, and that I should buy a Lottery Ticket. But sadly, all good things have to come to an end, and to restore "Cosmic Balance" and stuff, the following things happened later on that same day. 

  • Had a car accident (hit by an uninsured driver)
  • Dropped My SatNav and Broke the Screen  
  • I dropped my laptop and broke it
  • I got splashed with water all over, on my way to a shop
  • My Mobile Phone Packed in after the splash (sounds fuzzy and underwater after being soaked)
  • I fixed a PC for somebody and it broke within 1 hour
  • I had to visit a shop twice, because the software started misbehaving after I sold them some thermal paper, and guess who are they blaming for the malfunction.
  • A bastard customer who has not paid me for over 2 years, has won another court appeal. An appeal to appeal the appeal, against the other appeal, the one before the last appeal p he lost all other appeals, but hey....
  • I was just playing Red Alert 2 and even that crashed
  • Life is Shit.
I really hope that this spell of Bad Luck is temporary, and that "Cosmic Balance" is truly restored....

The House In The Middle Of The Street

Homeowners Luo Baogen and his wife refused to allow the government to demolish their home in Wenling, Zhejiang province, China, claiming the relocation compensation offered would not be enough to cover the cost of rebuilding. So, adjacent neighboring homes were dismantled, and, bizarrely, the road was built around the intact home, leaving it as an island in a river of new asphalt.

Miss Earth 2012 -

MISS RUSSIA : Natalia Pereverzeva

MISS RUSSIA : Natalia PereverzevaWhat makes you proud of your country and what can you promote about it?
I have always been proud of the country in which I live. I can't imagine myself without it. My country – that's all I have, all people that I love, are all that is dear to me. My Russia – it is bright, warm, patched, but it is so pleasant to slumber under it in a winter evening when the storm rages outside. My Russia – it is a beautiful stately girl, full-blooded, rosy, in embroidered Sarafan, with long and thick plait, in which multicolored fillets are twisted, a beautiful fairytale girl. My Russia – it is a kind cow with very big eyes, funny horns and always chewing its mouth oh, what sweet milk she gives! Oh, how it smells – meadow herbs and the sun. But my Russia – it is also my poor long, suffering country, mercilessly torn to pieces by greedy, dishonest, unbelieving people. My Russia – it is a great artery, from which the "chosen" few people draining away its wealth. My Russia is a beggar. My Russia cannot help her elderly and orphans. From it, bleeding, like from sinking ship, engineers, doctors, teachers are fleeing, because they have nothing to live on. My Russia – it is an endless Caucasian war. These are the embittered brother nations who formerly spoke in the same language, and who now prohibit teaching of it in their schools. My Russia – it is a winner which has overthrown fascism but bought the victory at the expense of lives of millions of people. How, tell me, how and why does the nationalism prosper in this country? My dear, poor Russia. And you still live, breathe, and you gave to the world your beautiful and talented children Esenin, Pusbkin, Plisetskaya. The list could be continued on several pages, and each is gold, a gift, a miracle. I am happy to be your citizen. Russia! In spite of all tears, sorrows, wars, invasions, no matter who rules Russia, I am still proud to be born in this great and beautiful country that has given so much to the world over the years of its existence. I am proud of my motherland for mercy, for heroism, for courage, for diligence, for heritage that she leaves to the world, for people who can live for others. I believe that each person living in Russia should identify himself with it. Feel the participation and take a proactive stance whatever it concerns. There are moments to which we close eyes and reject as spoiling a look. Everyday we meet the facts that are unpleasant to us, that are unworthy of our homeland. Only we can improve the situation. We must learn to express ourselves and to show our best quality traits. We should try not to live only as consumers, but to develop ourselves, read books, listen to interesting music, and be interested in scientific achievements. Politics, to communicate with good people, develop creativity, bringing into this world something new. We should bring up our children and talk to them on spiritual topics, disclose their talents and only then we reject everything unnecessary, affected and pretentious. When we seriously begin to take care of our country, it will blossom and shine brightly.

Natalia Pereverzeva

And the award for the worst dentist 2011 - goes to...

The Smile Clinic - http://thesmileclinicbolton.com/

Around 2 years ago, my daughter had a dental check-up appointment, at her local dentist (The Smile Clinic - Horwich) - They told us that everything was fine, but there was small cavity developing, but they will fill that during the next appointment, in 6 month time.

6 Month down the line and no communication from the Smile Clinic, so my wife phoned them and they told her that they could not see my daughter at the Horwich branch, however they have transferred her records over to the Bolton Clinic. And as per usual, the Bolton Clinic had no free slots for a check-up, for another 6 month, so by the time my daughter visited the dentist, it was 14 months after the initial examination - and guess what, this time they said that they would have to extract the tooth. And so they did...

The pain and mess of removing an otherwise healthy, and not loose, Adult Tooth, from a Child's Mouth - will be the subject of another post. But the incompetence shown by the Frankenstein Smile Clinic was staggering.    

Wow, I forgot how fun that was - Let's kill some more Russians .

Recently I was cleaning my desk when I happen to see an old game CD - "Command & Conquer - RED ALERT 2" - I haven't played the game for ages and ages, so I decided to install on my PC and try it, one more time, for old times' sake.

And boy, have I forgotten just how good and exciting this game was - Building a base, training troops, attacking enemies.. I LOVE IT..

And so, for the past week, I have been killing Russians, Americans, French, British, Germans, Afghans, and Iraqis, and I have come to the conclusion that, "All Wars" should be fought on the Command & Conquer Maps. Sorry I can't write much more about this fantastic game, but you can buy a copy for next to nothing, try and enjoy...

Time to kick some Ruskie ass...

So why pay £778,000,000.00?

I was surfing the internet, trying to see whether there are other "like-minded" souls, who thought that Heinz Beans are tasting worst and worst by the day, when I found this..

I used to shop at my NETTO Supermarket in Bolton - the prices were fairly reasonable, no BS, no fanfare, no hassle, just quality products at fair prices... And then, we got ASDA*Walmart, deciding to buy the Netto stores in the UK and close the UK's chain for good.

So why has ASDA*Walmart decided to spend  £778,000,000.00 ($1,235,853,000.00 - over a billion US dollars - Almost as much as they've spent on the US presidential elections); to close all of the NETTO stores in the UK and change those to Mini ASDAs, and how could any business justify spending that much money, if there wasn't a return... And a return there was, a huge increase in prices, with shoppers being screwed from every angle, whilst being brainwashed into believing that they are saving more and more, and that this move is for their own benefit.

An example of some of the changes:

Basic Washing Powder.   
£2.80 (3.33kg)
£1.64 (4kg)
Basic Sunflower Spread
£1.00 (500g)
£0.45 (500g)
Skimmed Milk
£0.88 (1ltr)
£0.49 (1ltr)

So remind me again, why did ASDA*Walmart pay £778,000,000.00?

Heinz Meanz Beanz - Oh no they don't...

Even Heinz Beans, the pillar of the 57 varieties has changed it's taste, and not of the better I might add.

The taste is now more tangy / sour / bitter.

Why don't you give people a choice, and if one wants a reduced, Salt, Sugar, Taste, "NOW WITH MORE TANG" Variety, then they can purchase that... 

Instead of concentrating on the flavour, we just have a selection of "faddy" new receptacles, the Fridge Pack, The 4 Snap Pots, etc...  Don't get me wrong, the people will try those, until they discover that "the shit inside is really shit", and then what?   

Don't change something so familiar, something that we have all grown up with - to something so awful, that nobody can stomach, not even my dog.

Within my household, the following people have noticed the taste change, and now they refuse to eat Heinz Beans..

My wife
My Daughter
My Son
My Granddaughter
My (invisible) Dog


I need help with developing a website and some software to control that (PC or SmartPhone based app) - I will not pay you anything; but you will own an equal share of the company; regardless of how many people join in....

So if we have 100 people, then we will all get a 1% share each; if we only have:
2 - 50% share; each
3 - 33.33% share; each
4 - 25% share; each
5 - 20% share; each
etc. etc...

We are not likely to make any money for at least 1 year; so no returns are expected.
If interested, and you know about PHP or ASP then just drop me a line; and I will send you more information..


Webroot - Is there such thing as....

too much security?....   

The answer is "YES" - I would rather be without any anti-virus than be scared witless by everything, all the time, and being told that everything else is a virus, regardless. Because, let's face it, they can be infected at some point in the future, so we might as well just delete them now and get it over with.

Every other anti-virus in the world seems to think that those files are OK, but not Webroot security - I write Software for a living and I like compressing my software with UPX - Everything I compile is OK until compressing with UPX, and all of a sudden, it becomes a virus, and it gets quarantined or deleted - So one second the file is OK, the next it's a virus.

Brown CD...

I really don't know if my new Dynamode - 802.11N - 150mbs - Wireless Adapter - is fake, or is the real deal - All I know is that you can "Brown CD"...

PS. The Adapter is the worst ever known to man, machine, monkey or beast - very slow, with a very crappy range...

The X-Factor - Murdering Music Since 2004...

Group would be "Artists" according to their looks, and not their, questionable, voice & talent.

You look like Shania Twain, so you must be country...

You look like Plan-B (from outer space), so you must RAP...

What a load of Bullshit...

"The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey"

A Man and his son were once going to sell their Donkey at the market. As they were walking along by the donkey's side a countryman passed them and said: "You fools, what is a Donkey for but to ride upon?"

So the Man put the Boy on the Donkey and they went on their way. But soon they passed a group of men, one of whom said: "See that lazy youngster, he lets his father walk while he rides."

So the Man ordered his Boy to get off, and got on himself. But they hadn't gone far when they passed two women, one of whom said to the other: "Shame on that lazy lout to let his poor little son trudge along."

Aesop's DonkeyWell, the Man didn't know what to do, but at last he took his Boy up before him on the Donkey. By this time they had come to the town, and the passers-by began to jeer and point at them. The Man stopped and asked what they were scoffing at. The men said: "Aren't you ashamed of yourself for overloading that poor donkey of yours and your hulking son?"

The Man and Boy got off and tried to think what to do. They thought and they thought and finally decided to carry the donkey themselves, so they cut down a pole, tied the donkey's feet to it, and raised the pole and the donkey to their shoulders. They went along amid the laughter of all who met them till they came to Market Bridge, when the donkey, getting one of his feet loose, kicked out and caused the Boy to drop his end of the pole. In the struggle the donkey fell over the bridge, and his fore-feet being tied together he was drowned.

The son turned to his father and said, "All this work and we have nothing." The father answers, "No, we have learned a valuable lesson – you can't please all the people, so you must please yourself."

So what has this got to do with a Software Company, you might ask - well the answer is simple; "Everybody needs and expects something different from their software, I don't see anybody complaining to Microsoft about Windows and the way it works - everybody just accepts it and lives with it.

So the moral of the story is this: If you need something different; we might consider it; just as long as we don't drop the donkey over the bridge in the process, and if another piece of software does things differently or better, then what are you doing talking to us; why not just buy it instead? - After all; its your Money and your Business.


The older I get, the less afraid of dying I become. But I can't help thinking of the mortality of others around me....

EURO 2012

Sadly, it's not gonna happen... This time next week (or a little bit sooner), the EGOS will be back, with their tails between their legs, blaming ____________ (the Manager / the Heat / the Cold / the Rain / the Snow / the Dry Weather / the Sand / the Salt / the Sun / the Sea / the Sex / the Food / the Water / the Beds / the Water Beds / the Diarrhea / the Ground / the Grass / the Lack of Grass / the Artificial Grass / the Lack of Artificial Grass / the Rooms / the Town / the Scenery / the Fans / the Time / the Date / the Place / the Wags / the Lack of Wags / the Dogs / the Lack of Dogs).

I had this comment in my draft folder since the start of the EURO 2012 football tournament, and I never had a chance to publish this...

For the second year running, the award for the....

most unreliable, wireless, telephone handset goes to:  

Binatone Symphony 2210 Phone & Answer Machine TRIPLE

DESCRIPTION:   The Binatone Symphony 2210 is a very stylish cordless phone with a host of features including a handsfree speakerphone, 40 name and number phonebook and a handy answer machine with 15 minutes recording time. Check out all the features below !
  • Specification:
    • Digital cordless telephone with answer machine 
      When it works
    • Black
    • Hands-free
      When thrown against the wall in frustration
    • Up to 10 hours talk time
      I don't think the phone is designed to work for that long
    • Up to 100 hours standby time
      Handset life expectancy
    • 40 name and number entries
      What's the point if you have to change the handset every 5 minutes
    • Last number redial - 10 numbers
      When it works
    • 20 call log
      If it does not crash
    • Secrecy button
      If it does not crash
    • 8 melody ringtones for handset and base
      All sounding shit
    • Remote access answering machine
      Never tried it
    • Call timer
    • Amber backlit large display
      When it works
    • Clock
      Never looked at it
    • Keypad lock
      Never tried it
    • Message playback from handset
      When it works
    • Ringer volume control on both handset and display
      When it works
    • Up to 50m range indoors and up to 300m range outdoors
    • 15 minutes recording time
    • Supports up to 5 handsets
      Theoretical values, under controlled lab conditions
    • Requires 3 x AAA rechargeable batteries per handset (included)

      The base units for the above above handsets are so unreliable, it's legendary. I'm already on my third set in as many years.

      You buy it, and after a year or so, the base unit dies, so you decide to buy another base unit to use with the other satellite stations (phones) that you have left, only to discover that those would not work with another base unit, unless you free them from within the existing faulty base, which is pretty much impossible - so once again, you end up with some more bricked-up handsets.

      I still remember when BT used to charge us for the Telephone Handset rental, and guess what, the sets used to last forever. Now, and 12 months down the line, we have another dead system, and we need to buy another, and another, and another... 

And why not?...

MADRID — Ironic art fans have launched a petition to save the “world’s worst restoration”: a retouched, century-old church painting of Christ that has become an international joke.
Cecilia Gimenez, described as being in her 80s, has won global fame with her horribly botched impromptu attempt to restore an oil painting of Christ crowned with thorns, his sorrowful gaze raised to heaven.

The “restored” painting looks like a pale monkey’s face surrounded by fur, with mishapen eyes and nose, and a crooked smudge for a mouth, a style some wits have compared to Picasso’s.
Titled “Ecce Homo” (Behold the Man), the original was painted in oil in 1910 directly onto a column in the Iglesia del Santuario de Misericordia church in Borja, northeastern Spain.

It was showing its age as the paint deteriorated over the years.
But the “restored” version has provided grist for an explosion of jokes across the world this week.

Online commentators in Spain inserted the faces of King Juan Carlos or Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy into their own, digital versions of the restored painting.
More than 5,000 people have now signed an online petition to halt the town’s plan to return the painting to its pre-restoration glory.

The restoration “reveals a subtle criticism of the Church’s creationist theories while questioning a resurgence of new idols,” says the petition launched by a user on http://www.change.org, comparing the retouched painting to the work of Goya, Munch and Modigliani.

Gimenez herself said she had been patching up the painting for years, with the church’s knowledge.
“The priest knew,” the elderly, neatly dressed lady in spectacles told public television TVE.
“Everyone who came in could see me painting.”
Despite the derisive coverage, with some media calling it worst restoration in history, Gimenez said she was an accomplished artist. “I had a four-room exhibition — I sold 40 paintings,” Gimenez said.

The church painting was no masterpiece, completed in two hours by a local man, Elias Garcia Martinez just over a century ago.

But the original artist’s granddaughter, Teresa Garcia, was unimpressed by the brushed-up version.
“Until now the only thing she had touched was the tunic,” Garcia told TVE.

“The problem is that now she has meddled with the head and, clearly, she has destroyed the painting.”
The town hall has not yet decided whether to sue over the botch job, which was performed a month ago. “It would be different if it was vandalism,” said the town councillor for culture, Juan Maria de Ojeda.

“She did it with the best faith in the world,” the restorer’s sister, Esperanza Gimenez Zueco, told daily newspaper El Mundo. “She just wanted to give it a bit of colour.”

The All New iSh....

Frankly apple could spray a piece of Shit silver, stick an apple label on it and people would be queuing around the block to buy it . Oh of course they would have to call it the iShit because the i means that its super cool.

Another day, another...

Parking fine - for a 6 minute overstay at a car park in Swinton... So why not charge you the correct amount of "PARKING FEES" when you finish your business and leave the car park...

I hope they choke on this 'ILL GOTTEN' money.

Wow, look at all those pretty colours - Pink & Yellow - Make it worth every penny...

How do they do it? The young royals get everywhere at the Games...

Snippet of an Original article that can be seen @  http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/news/young-royals-get-everywhere-games-125240635.html

The young royals seem to have an unquenchable thirst for sport - or so their attendance day after day at the London 2012 Olympics would suggest.


Royal cheer - the young royals show their support

Prince William, his wife Kate (or Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge if you want her proper title) and his brother Prince Harry seem to be 'ever presents' at the London 2012 Olympics.
They've obviously been pretty diligent with their approach to buying tickets from the LOCOG website (!) and whoever their boss is has been very generous about giving them time off work to watch so much sport!

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No, It’s ..........

James May in Drag - I'm not into the Olympics, but today, and while changing the channel, I watched around 4 minutes of the shot-put finals.

I was impressed with Belarus's Nadzeya Ostapchu - The winner of the Gold Medal, but I still had few suspicions as to her exact gender..

Adam Buxton's BUG

The Counting Song

Summertime Booze


Raid 1 here we come... Part II

So we installed the Raid Server, and now it's time to get paid. And as per usual, we have to wait for the bastards to make their mind up and to pay us for the service.  This particular establishment has 5 idiots working there, and everybody is pulling you in a different direction and making some different excuses, so that they don't need to pay you on time..

We have The Father, who works 7 days a week, killing himself, running the business, when he can delegate the responsibility and relax with his wife, but instead he works there and so does his wife (he doesn't even trust his own sons)....

We also have the 2 Son(s), who also work 7 days a week, trying their best to impress the father with their dedication, and a third Son who is working away - he is the IT expert of the family, and the worst kind, he knows a bit, enough to mess things up, but not enough to fix anything.

And finally we have, the Holy Ghost, represented by the supporting cast of employees + Wife & Daughter and a little weasel of a local IT nerd who, I'm sure, was responsible for infecting the entire network with a virus. And he is another one of those know nothing experts...

You do need some patience to deal with this lot, because everybody pulls and pushes you in every direction, one says something and then the other says something else, and you are left with no idea on what to do or who to deal with... So the best solution is to ignore all, and to do what you think is best... 

Slow Roasted....

I have just burnt my Sweet Chilli Chicken Flatbread Pizza - If you look closely, you'll notice that it really does not resemble anything on the packaging.  Watch out garbage, here we come...

BTW. I also bought the Goodfella's Delizia Slow Roasted Tomatoes & Mozzarella Pizza, and for some reason the "Slow Roasted Tomatoes", tasted like shoe leather...

Raid 1 here we come... Part I

NAS servers have come a very long way since their inception...

Problem, the server is too bloody small for the money we are charging, so we bastardise a PC and fit it with 2 hot-swap HD caddies, & 2 x 1 TB hard drives.

Problem, our nice case is too small for caddies, quick, go and get new case.

Problem, only case that fits the caddies is an ugly white case, made in 1962, or thereabout with an old style, non-standard power supply,

No room for fans
No room for air.
No room for front usb
No room for SATA power (but room for a floppy disk)

So our "New Bullet Proof" server - is like the old server, only uglier, slower, slightly worst and definitely a lot hotter..

1st ever attempt at a Raid server,

  1. Put PC & bits together,
  2. Make sure all is working,
  3. Install Windows XP, (XP does not support SATA), we have to use floppy to install SATA drivers.
  4. Enable Raid 1 in the bios (PC deletes everything) & we have to start again from scratch.

2nd attempt at a Raid server,
  1. Format everything
  2. Create new XP install, with SATA drivers slipstreamed into the bootable ISO 
  3. Reinstall Windows XP
  4. All seems to be working according to the plan
  5. Hopefully Raid 1, will be more reliable

I was so happy, with the results, I couldn't help patting myself on the back - the adulation and the ecstasy - We installed everything, MySql server, Software and Data, and all seems to be working OK, so we set off to the customers shop and install the new server, and 1 minute later, this crashed with an recoverable error (crash) that blocked all network services and the network card, with the only way of getting to work, was to reboot the server...

My brain went into Bullshit overdrive mode, and I told the customer, that every time we connect this terminal, the server goes offline, so he said lets take that terminal off, and we did, but the server still crashed when connected to any of the other terminals on the network.. So, and with our tails between our legs, and our heads hanging down in shame, we returned to the office, with our brand new Server, trying to see what had happened.   

3rd time Unlucky - Back to the drawing board

We decided that Raid is bad, and that the crashes were all caused by it. So what other solutions did we have; and the solution that we came up with was to:
  1. Stop Raid 1,
  2. Format Both HD Drives,
  3. Install Everything once again, 
  4. Ghost an exact working REPLICA (HD image).
  5. Use M$ SyncToy 2.1 to sync all changed files
So we did and guess what, there was only 1 little flaw to the plan:
  1. Mysql locks files
  2. And SyncToy 2.1 does not sync locked file
And because we no longer have a Raid array, we have the added bonus of randomisation on boot sometimes, disk 1 boots, sometimes, disk 2 boots so we lose all the transactions from the previous session...
we tested software at the office, all is working fine.

So we take the Server to site, and the Software crashes again..  When we return to base, we notice that all our flash drives are virus ridden.

4th and Final Attempt

So this time, go to site prepared, we check all machines for Virus infections, and we reinstall windows on 4 machines, we install anti-virus software on all machines as well.

Everything seems to be working fine now, with no crashes and no Problems, apart from;
  1. We no longer have the security of a Raid 1 system and, 
  2. We have random boot issue (either one of the 2 hard drives may boot & we have no control over which one, but it's always a 50/50 chance)
  3. The server's temperature.
Another job well done and another satisfied customer...

My Open Source Woes...

Not so long ago, I used to depend on "OPEN SOURCE" software in all aspects of my "PROFESSIONAL" and working life - If I needed to type a letter, then I would use "Open Office", to make an exact HD image, I would use "Clonezilla", to do some fast data recovery or a "Low Level" work on an HD, I would use "Parted Magic", to do a quick edit or source code, then "Notepad++" was always there, and to create a new PDF document, then I usually send that to my "PDF Creator" printer. I really had an extensive collection, something to be proud of, with www.SourceForge.net, being my first port of call when looking for a solution.

Lately, I noticed a change when I was installing an update to one of the many utilities, I clicked on next, next, next, finish, and without given the updater a second look, I noticed that I had, inadvertently, installed "Babylon Search Bar", which, "in my opinion", is more damaging than a Virus. This, toolbar, opens the back-door for all kind of advertising, hijackers and nasties to be installed on your hard disk, and without your permission. At first, I thought this was an isolated incident, but then when I tried to install other pieces of software, I noticed that almost everything is coming with its own "Advertising" wrapper, something like the "ASK" toolbar, or the "Babylon Search Toolbar"..

I have nothing against "Babylon", but somehow I feel that they are a company without any scruples. And that they would sell their toolbar space (injector code) to anybody, regardless of motives, as well as the fact that they managed to change my browser settings, with no option to change those back to their original state. Regardless, please read this snippet from "Wikipedia" regarding the Babylon Toolbar.
On 7 August 2010, Microsoft antivirus products identified the software application as malware (identified as "Adware: Win32/Babylon") due to potentially intrusive behavior. Sixteen days later, on 23 August 2010, Microsoft announced that Babylon Ltd. had modified the program and that it was no longer categorized as malware. 
Babylon toolbar, a browser plugin for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome, is installed with various ad-supported software packages on an opt-out basis. This toolbar overrides default browser settings, does not provide an option to automatically revert to previous settings and is infamous for the complicated uninstallation process. This behaviour qualifies the software as malware in many users opinions.

Which brings us to today, and I'm trying to reinstall the "PDF Creator" PDF printer, and the installer that insists on adding the "Babylon Toolbar" to the express install.. I think I have to start a list to tell people about alternatives to "Open Source" files.

Payment Notification Unit (info0187@un.com)

Dear Beneficiary,

I hope that this correspondence is received with the urgency and expediency required. It has come to the notice of the Board of Trustees at the CBN that your present inheritance claims application being handled by the Remitting Bank in Nigeria is experiencing some man made irregularities. To this effect,it has become necessary for the Board of Trustees to invite trained Fund Transfer Specialists from the United States to resolve and  regularize your fund release with immediate effect.

We at Frank-lee  & Associates have been duly consulted by the CBN Board of Trustees and have been fully informed about how the staff of the remitting bank have been taking advantage of you by telling you to pay unnecessarily exorbitant charges which will only make your fund payment a long drawn out process. Due to this we have decided to step into the process of your fund transfer to enable your funds to be transferred within the soonest possible time you are to get back to us immediately without needing to pay all the huge sums of monies that are being demanded from you by the remitting bank.

All processes to have your funds paid to you immediately through the CBN's  Liaison Remittance Office in New York have been initiated to cut out unnecessary costs.You are advised to keep this communication highly confidential as the CBN Board of Trustees have asked us to resolve  this fund payment independent of the office of the CBN Governor to identify the principal participants in this unethical payment procedure.

Furthermore,you are hereby advised to pay no further fees or charges to the Remitting Bank in Nigeria as they shall no longer be handling your payment process.

We shall await your immediate correspondence with your direct telephone numbers for re-confirmation to to my confidential email address. so that we may conclude your payment immediately.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr.Frank Lee.
David  Lee  & Associates c/o CBN

Toshiba - Leading Innovation!

I just got a TOSHIBA laptop from a customer  for a backup / virus removal / restore / repair job - It was a Windows 7 effort.

Backing up the data to an external drive took around 20 minutes. (using Parted Magic)
Restoring the the OS from the hidden partition took around 10 minutes (Using the Magic F Key).
The 42, TOSHIBA (Leading Innovation), updates took over 1 hour and 40 minutes, and rebooted / restarted the Laptop no less than 42 times. (I'm not even counting the official & countless Windows updates yet)...