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This post has nothing to do with my obsession with old appliances, just the fact that the gentleman involved, Mr. Jim Williamson, is none other than my tutor / lecturer (Class of 86) at Bolton University, and for a while, he founded a software company (Blue-Collar Software) and I was one of the software developers / programmers..

The man had many ideas, hopes, dreams & projects, with some that made sense at the time & others that were border-line crazy.  A new exotic programming language (the Move Language), that had only one command - and no guessing what that command was - "Move".

Move .... [from] .... [to] ......

Where you move data / object(s) / file(s) or anything else from one location to another (storage, screen, keyboard), or that was my understanding of it at the time, with the [from] & [to] being optional.

And the wwww search engine, at the time when google was a gleam in the developers eyes (the who, what, where, when search engine) -  something that gives you more....

And today, his claim to fame is a 77 year old fridge..


Reliable: Jim Williamson with his old Electrolux fridge which is still in constant use since it was bought in 1941Despite it first being bought a staggering 77 years ago, this incredible fridge is still as reliable as ever.

Jim Williamson, 63, has used the Electrolux L380 fridge every day since he inherited it from his mother who died three years ago.

The fridge cost £50 - equivalent to around £1,800 today - and has run constantly since it was first switched on around 1934.

It is now believed to be Britain's oldest working fridge.

Remarkably, the English-built fridge has not broken down once or needed any replacement parts since it came out of the factory in London between 1934 and 1941.

The free standing unit came with a 12-month guarantee and featured two shelves, 109-litre capacity, a temperature control dial and ice-making cabinet.
Remarkable: The English-built fridge has not broken down once or needed any replacement parts since it came out of the factory in London between 1934 and 1941

Mr Williamson, a lecturer in Computers at Bolton University, said: 'My aunt, Kathleen Wilson used to work for the Electricity Board in London.

Mr Williamson said: 'We would like to find a suitable home for the fridge, so if any organisation or museum is interested in having it I am more than happy to give the fridge to them.

'The funny thing is the fridge has never broken down and is quieter than most modern appliances.

'There is a 10-year-old freezer next to the fridge and that makes more noise than the fridge.

'It is remarkable that it has just gone on working decade after decade.'

The chiller beats the previous record for the oldest fridge which was built in 1958.
Michelle Bates, customer care manager at Electrolux, said: 'We were so excited to hear about the fridge, it really is amazing that any appliance with working parts that was made so long ago - possibly before WWII - is still in use today.
'We believe this is the oldest working fridge in the UK.'

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