Not quite the best burger in the world, but..

Step 1 - Make The Patties & Freeze Them
When shaping those, do not "OVER PRESS"
you need a little "LOOSENESS"
Step 2 - I couldn't cook those with the George Foreman,
So I used a frying pan
"DO NOT" - I Repeat, "DO NOT" Squeeze the 
living daylight out of those while cooking
You need the juices to stay within
 Step 3 - Get a handsome, devilishly good looking, 
bloke to do the cooking
Somebody who knows, what they are doing;)
 Step 4 - Keep an eye on those babies,
Turn once or twice - and brown to taste.
  Step 5 - Barm
   Step 6 -Tomatoes
  Step 7 - Lettuce
   Step 8 -"Secret Sauce"
  Step 9 - ENJOY

Soggy Chips. Courtesy of Sunwah - 91 Manchester Rd W, 
Little Hulton, Manchester M38 9DX

 VERDICT : Those weren't the worst burgers in the world, in fact they were better than 80% of the burgers that I've had at various FastFood establishments (in the UK). Including some that make their own and specialise in selling burgers only.

The sauce was a little bit too sweet, but none-the-less, edible with an approximation to McDonald's Big-Mac Sauce.

Would I make them again, NO, not really (unless I bang my head) - because UK mince beef, regardless of quality of content - is somewhat missing that something (growth & taste hormones & chemicals that make other beefs more beefy & other burgers more burgery).

Worth a try, but never again....

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  1. My "Secret Sauce" Recipe:

    3 Part Mayonnaise
    1 Part Ketchup
    1 Part Mustard
    1 Spoon Sugar
    Few Finely Chopped Onions (a couple of rings)
    3 Chopped Dill Pickle Slices

    Mix all, leave in the fridge for a couple of hours for the flavours to develop.