Tomato Soup Blues...

Few weeks back, I bought a box of Heinz Tomato Cup Soup (with a kick of chilli) to try, I left those in the kitchen until the other day, when I was hungry & I wanted something warm & quick - so I thought I try this new soup.

To be honest, I didn't expect much from a powdered sachet, however - I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, the taste, the sweetness, the smoothness, the creaminess & the chilli kick at the very end. WOW, WOW, WOW...  10/10

Which brings me to today - I was cold & hungry and I didn't want something heavy, so I decided to have Tomato Soup, my local shop only stocked the Ainsley Harriott Cream of Tomato Cup Soup, and I thought, I'm sure it's gonna be good - just like the Heinz variety - and surely, Ainsley wouldn't put his name, once again, on substandard products - and guess what, I was wrong once again..
I was fooled again by Ainsley, the soup tasted shit & it was just another substandard product, from the Ainsley Harriott stable of substandard shit...     3/10

So once again, is there anything this man doesn't put his name to?

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