Another day, another update....

Today, like millions of other computer users around the globe, I was net with the usual "IMPORTANT FLASH SECURITY UPDATE",  I usually try to avoid those or keep running an out of date, but stable, version for as long as possible, but today I decided to byte the bullet, run the update and get rid of the nagging update screen for few days.

And no sooner had I done that, no sooner had I come to regret my decision.

The new update made everything impossible to watch or play, as everything crashes on sight, and I don't think I'm the only person who had suffered this.

So the question is this:

Why is FLASH so BUGGY & INSECURE that it needs constant updating?
When will it stop being BUGGY & INSECURE, or be complete?
When will the updates STOP?

There are solutions to the problem, which involve using the latest version of FLASH, because it should be less BUGGY, but what can you do if the bugs were caused because of the "LATEST UPDATE"?

I need to move away from FLASH & soon..

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