Complex Simplicity... W8

I tried to avoid berating Windows 8, because I really avoided using it at work for as long as possible. However, I recently purchased a Windows 8.1 touch-screen tablet (with a detachable keyboard - ala-surface)..

And boy, do I hate this abomination of an operating system. What were they thinking, and who approved this UI.  And why hasn't anybody been shot or sacrificed for this garbage.

To do a simple thing is a chore, and instead of using a single button to do stuff, you have to try and find where they have hidden that button within the hideous interface.

Networking, interfacing, printing & file sharing with other OS's is a nightmare - You can't do the simple things, and you are prevented from doing other things (this is true for Windows 7 as well, but at least Windows 7 didn't have this hideous interface & it did have a start button).

For example, I want to edit the "my.ini" file in the "C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1" - so I right-click the file & try to edit it.

In Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 98 & 95 - In can edit, update & save the file in it's place - with one simple step. 

Windows 7 & 8 will let you edit the ini file, but will not let you save it in it's original location. So you edit the file, save it in another location or save it as something else in another location, rename / copy & paste back to the original location, and then confirm whether you want to overwrite the original file or not,. 3-4 steps more than the original, less advanced OS's of days gone. 

And everything else seems to work in exactly the same messed-up and over complicated way - so instead of having simple defaults with a transparent OS, we see ourselves fighting the OS in order to do the simplest of things, with all defaults set to the exact opposite to whatever any sane person might need or want - the interface of annoyance

File, folder & printer sharing is an impossibility with any version of Windows, other than 7 or 8, unless you jump naked through hoops and sacrifice a virgin to Beelzebub.

Security policies & issues.

Everything is a BIG fight, you get it to work and you learn how to do things, and Microshit decides to, literally, pull-the-rug from under your feet and stop everything from working the normal way, because somebody, god forbid, might hijack your printer. The same printer that you have on your private network. 

 It's really, really, really an unusable OS & officially - the biggest pile of SHIT on the planet. AKA. How to complicate simplicity..

 Apart from browsing the internet, I have really giving up on this OS, and I'm back using my 10 year old laptop, with Windows Vista, and you know that things are bad when you think that Windows Vista is good....

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