I think I will start CHAIN smoking...

For 3 or so months, my windscreen wipers have been playing up, they randomly start, stop, change speed, slow, pause, restart, refuse to return to original position, refuse to stop (unless you stop and restart the engine. I did stop and start the engine, few times, while driving at 70+miles/hour, on the motorway, which was very stupid & not advisable, especially when you consider the power-steering aspect of the vehicle, regardless, this is another story and I'm lucky to be alive).

The other day, my windscreen wipers decided to die on me, so today and after the Bank Holiday, I decided to take my car to the local garage in order to replace the faulty Windscreen Wiper Motor. So I drove there and decided to walk it back home (3miles).

And boy am I unfit or what. The first 1.5mile went smoothly and I was on a high - now it's time to face a road elevation, in the rain - Now that really killed me - I can't breath, I can't talk, I can't walk, my muscles are trembling, my back is hurting, my legs are hurting, my lungs are hurting, I'm panting and out of breath. So, to stop feeling like shit, I decided to stop and rest at every bus stop, and if it had a bench then the better, then I would sit, rest and catch my breath...

After my second Bus Stop, and while sitting on the bench and trying to catch my breath, a 90 year old gentleman walks over and stands under the bus shelter. He looked very healthy and fit for his age, and while I'm still panting and trying to catch my breath, I smell a phosphorous whiff, the man has lit a a cigarette and started to smoke. And when he finished, he took another cigarette out and continued to smoke, he did that 5 times (chain smoking) - I felt bad about that and I continued my walk and journey. And I was still struggling master the walking and breathing at the same time bit.

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